Assassins of Tuveil

The Return of Tuveil

I know, I know a year is a long time for the game to go silent. But we starting up again shortly so be prepared! This is my first 5ed journey into Tuveil and I hope it gets more exciting!

Coming to a table top near you

So its been awhile since we last played this campaign. But it is coming back! Stay tooned I have some exciting things planned!

Ematsa The Arcanum Master
Session Report

Recap of Last Nights Session:

Fulrcia Giovanna and Fulcrius Marino left house of The Crah Pasha in search of the Arcanum Master, Sepretius Ematsa. In the Arcane District, Which has been deserted from the riot except for the talking Holographic advertisement. They found one door in street particularly interesting, it was black, had no handle and was covered in what Giovanna thought was Babylosian War runes. They attempted to knock on the door with giovanna’s shadow blade only to have it sucked into the door. Moreno then knocked on the door, and although it shocked his hand that finally got a response. A disembodied voice asked them why they were there. The response “For us business, but for Sepretius Ematsa Pleasure.” With that they where transported inside of Ematsa’s home where they discussed the 5 cultists. Ematsa was more the knowledgeable about the names and listed some of them as, The Magistrates Wife, Rennissae Torisa, The Pauper King of Babylos, The Captain of the Gaurd, Luici Vespeci.

Marino organized a deal with Ematsa. Information about the cult in exchange for the Fulcrum of Fulcra. Ematsa took them to his scrying chamber where they gathered the following information.
1) The Pauper king and Torisa are in the Temple District where they are rapidly increasing Oublivae Influence over the city.
2) The Captain of the Gaurd remains in his barracks.
3) Torisa most gaurded secret is that she was once a slave.
4) Torisa’s ambition is to destroy the soldiers of Tuveil.
5) The Pauper king greatest ambition is to rule over a barren wasteland.

Meanwhile Fulcrius Brunt, Fulcrius Calum, and Fulcrius Godrik tracked down rogue guards who were sowing chaos in the city. While Following them Calum noticed they were giving mixed signals to the commoners. To some they sent to safe houses in the temple district, to others they terrorized and robbed. A plan was sent into motion to convince these guards that they needed to fight soldiers who were Portaling in. The plan backfired when rather than going into the alley way to fight the soldiers, the gaurds turned tail and ran. As Calum and Brunt were catching up the gaurds, Godrik convinced them he was a merchant who needed protection and to let him tag along with them. This worked well though the guards once far away enough from the threat of the portaling soldiers tried to murder and rob Godrik, who instead began to slaughter them. Godrik killed two before the other Fulcra arrived to help him clean up.

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